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Esprit Eyewear - Frames & Sunglasses Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic Esprit is an international lifestyle brand encapsulating a relaxed attitude, which is strongly connected to the brand´s roots in the California of the late 60s. Esprit´s spirit and values represent the sunny Californian way of life: fun, friendship and love of life. This heritage, together with the latest fashion trends leads to authentic, inspirational and stylish products created with passion and attention to detail.
FLAIR EYEWEAR - FRAMES & SUNGLASSES Flair has been creating eyewear designs of highest aesthetics and perfection in Germany for over 65 years. They have not been readily available in the UK for a number of years but Flair is present in 53 countries and are highly valued by customers all over the world. With all the passion put into this eyewear, only the finest materials like titanium or our high tech nickel-free Bio Steel are used to ensure the highest elasticity, strength, light weight, comfort and fit. Worn as a piece of jewellery, the colours used are always based on the latest European fashion trends. In some frames we use gemstones, like certified Swarovski stones to give those frames an even more elegant look. The facets are precision cut identical to those of diamonds. Approximately 700 steps are necessary, exactly coordinated to each other, in order to guarantee quality and perfection. Flair Tehcnology, has a global patent, which is an impressive direct connection between the lens and the side-pieces - without using a hinge. Pure2 is one of the newest innovations of Flair, it is our lightest frame weighing only 3.7g. The basis of this innovation is the specially developed Flair nylon thread. Flair is a new dimension of flexibility. Whether you are looking for eyewear to present uniqueness, elegance and glamour, sophistication, self-confidence, dominance, a sportive image, modernity, or many more images, through Flair's wide choice, emphasising characteristics and philosophies, there will be a frame fitting YOUR individual taste and style, without lacking comfort. Be enchanted by these small and extremely light works of art. Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic
RayBan Priority Store - Check out all New Variants of Avaitor & Wayfarer never seen Today @ C O Charun Optic
Jay Hind..... Happy 68th Independence Day..... C O Charun Optic Open Today
Be Unique. Have an Attitude. Look Great. These are the mantras of today's world. Meet Alia Bhatt in IDEE Eyewear...
Burberry Eyewear - Frames & Sunglasses Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic The Burberry BE4137 Sunglasses is a plastic sunglass frame. Burberry sunglasses are crafted with the highest quality with the latest styles in fashion. The Burberry BE4137 is luxurious and appealing to people of all walks of life.Burberry BE4137 Sunglasses are the brand of choice for an innovative yet timeless classic.
CARRERA EYEWEAR - FRAMES & SUNGLASSES If you're on the lookout for a combination of innovative Italian design and hard-working durability, Carrera eyewear could be the ideal answer. Our selection of prescription glasses includes some truly inspiring styles, and we are confident you can find the perfect pair of Carrera glasses in no time at all. The company has roots in motorsports and skiing, so you can expect a rugged toughness as well as a touch of glamour in every pair. Here at Select Specs, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive choice for all our customers. We don't believe that the finest styles have to come at a prohibitive price, so we offer Carrera eyewear that's within every budget. Have a look at our choice Today and we feel sure you'll be highly impressed. Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic
FILA EYEWEAR - FRAMES & SUNGLASSES Established in Italy in 1911, Fila is one of the largest sportswear companies in the world today. Fila's gifted craftsmen and use of refined materials enhances the performance and quality of Fila products. The feeling of luxury while wearing a piece of Fila is unparalleled. Innovation, comfort and dynamism are the identifying features of FILA, a brand that embodies all the characteristics of Italian style in sports. This is the world that inspires the eyewear, which perfectly meets the needs of those who want to express, even in their everyday life, their active lifestyle and passion for sports. The Fila Sunglasses Collection offers a wide range of models that can satisfy a very heterogeneous target. The 'style' part of the collection includes, alongside vintage glasses, classic models that are reinterpreted with a contemporary twist and enriched with sporty details and discreet customizations. The 'performance' part of the collection offers more wrap-around and bold frames that can be worn while practising many different sports and at all levels, thanks to their technical features and avant-garde materials. The collection is rich in details that make Fila glasses the perfect combination between functionality and high level performances. Models with lightweight frames in "Grilamid", adjustable temple tips, rubber inserts and ergonomic nose pads for a perfect fit and utmost comfort. Mirrored lenses for extra protection from UV rays and, above all, polarized lenses to ensure clear, safe vision, rich in contrasts and glare-free. Bold colors and special two-color interplays give dynamism and a strong personality to the collection. Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic
KEVINFERUD PREMIUM SPECTACLE FRAMES Marco Vista, Zona Artigianala - 320630VAS (Belluno), Italy. Our Design are created by Kevin Ferud our style in very Exclusive and Alanenses for both Man & Women Made from the Metal or combinations of materials in both Monal & Titanium also Bita Titanium in fullframes, semi-rimless and rimless each KEVIN FERUD Collection in an invitation to dream. Its aimed at a discerning clientele of women and men seeking rare frames in search of an alternative to the traditional designer label A Revolutionary and Concept KEVIN FERUD Today consumer are looking for product that reflect their personality, with which they can interact to co-created there look. KEVIN FERUD Frames fully answer to consume actors whishes: they can be personalized to suit their whims, taste or even various stituations..... Kevin Ferud Eye-wear is light and sassy and you can be the center of attraction of any party by flaunting them. You will find nothing more pleasing than this for your beautiful eyes. Discover Kevin Ferud eye wear collection at best prices. Affordable yet stylish & classy....!!! Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic