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KEVINFERUD PREMIUM SPECTACLE FRAMES Marco Vista, Zona Artigianala - 320630VAS (Belluno), Italy. Our Design are created by Kevin Ferud our style in very Exclusive and Alanenses for both Man & Women Made from the Metal or combinations of materials in both Monal & Titanium also Bita Titanium in fullframes, semi-rimless and rimless each KEVIN FERUD Collection in an invitation to dream. Its aimed at a discerning clientele of women and men seeking rare frames in search of an alternative to the traditional designer label A Revolutionary and Concept KEVIN FERUD Today consumer are looking for product that reflect their personality, with which they can interact to co-created there look. KEVIN FERUD Frames fully answer to consume actors whishes: they can be personalized to suit their whims, taste or even various stituations..... Kevin Ferud Eye-wear is light and sassy and you can be the center of attraction of any party by flaunting them. You will find nothing more pleasing than this for your beautiful eyes. Discover Kevin Ferud eye wear collection at best prices. Affordable yet stylish & classy....!!! Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic
UNITED COLORS OF BENETTON EYEWEAR - FRAMES & SUNGLASSES Eyeglasses and sunglasses Benetton 2014 are young and colorfull. Trendy colors and vintage shapes are a winning combination for these new proposals of sunglasses and eyeglasses Benetton. Benetton sunglasses have gradient lenses, these must-haves this year. Discover the new collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses 2014 Benetton 2014 Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic
GUCCI EYEWEAR - SPECTACLE FRAMES & SUNGLASSES Gucci is an iconic Italian fashion label founded in Florence in 1921. Today, Gucci is one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world. Gucci pervade a unique mix of modernity and heritage. These Gucci GG3680/S DWJ are the perfect choice for those looking for trendy and fashionable eyewear solutions. Its brown, rectangular, full-rim frame is specially tailored for women and is perfect for both oval and round-like faces. The material, acetate, provides a lightweight and resistant solution to your selected eyewear. Buy your pair of Gucci GG3680/S DWJ sunglasses today and receive a free cleaning cloth, protective case & elegant carry bag. Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic
Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses Authorised Eye Clinic @ C O Charun Optic SofLens Daily Disposable Contact Lenses combine all-day comfort with crisp, clear vision, especially at night. SofLens delivers all the fresh, new lens benefits of a daily disposable lens and much more – giving you a comfortable lens-wearing experience. Fresh, new lenses everyday. No daily cleaning, storage, or care required; wear them for a day, then throw them away. Comfort. Vision. Convenience. Key Features & Benefits All-day comfort that is preferred to competitive daily disposable lenses High Definition Optics helps reduce the appearance of blurriness, halos, and glare across a full range of conditions No daily cleaning, storage, or care required; wear them for a day, then, throw them away Outstanding all-day Comfort SofLens daily disposable lenses achieve a high level of comfort through ComfortMoistTechnology – our unique lens design and innovative packaging solution. The lens design is exceptionally thin, allowing for a remarkably natural feel on the eye. The slow-release packaging solution creates a cushion of moisture around the lenses – keeping your eyes comfortable all day through the end of the day. Comfortmoist-technology Crisp, clear vision, especially at night SofLens is the first daily disposable lens with High Definition Optics – a technology that helps reduce the appearance of blurriness, halos, and glare across a full range of conditions. The result is crisp, clear vision no matter the time or place, and especially in low-light situations.
Silhouette Eyewear - Frames & Sunglasses Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic Silhouette is the leading manufacturer of high quality eyewear, with a strong focus on rimless design. Silhouette developed groundbreaking technologies, including its proprietary, lightweight SPX plastic and equally lightweight, patented High Tech Titanium. Its screwless, hingeless, 1.8gram Titan Minimal Art frame has become the company’s icon for revolutionary eyewear. It also offers nylor and fullrim eyewear, in the same high quality as its rimless eyewear.
LIGHTEC PREMIUM SPECTACLE FRAMES LIGHTEC combines lightness and technology for maximum comfort: Products manufactured from surgical grade stainless steel for lightness and flexibility All fitted with a robust exclusive double-action spring-hinge Screwless design (apart from rimlock when used) for peace of mind Products for men and women looking for minimalist, immediately comfortable frames. The essence of technology and lightness, the LIGHTEC brand, thanks to its exclusive Alpha hinge system, boasts spring and screw free products. The surgical grade stainless steel gives flexibility, solidity and robustness to this collection dedicated to men and women looking for technically advanced and minimalist products. Lightec frames have been designed with spring hinge temples that have no screws, coils or casings. This produces a cleaner look and a more robust spring hinge less prone to failure. The Lightec frames offer designs for both sexes and are available in full metal frames, semi-rimless and full rimless versions. This collection of eyeglasses offers products to pure design, all made of stainless steel and fitted with a hinge without proprietary hardware The frames are made Lightec Evolution on the site of Morel-Cottet, Morbier to the Jura, the Mecca of eyewear in France Lightec's Alpha Collections feature the exclusive technology of a patented design requiring no springs, coils, or casings. The extra-flat stainless steel temples combined with a hook-like device creates a flawless flex system. This innovative design offers the wearer a minimalist frame with enhanced lightness and comfort.  Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic
Gucci Eyewear - Frames & Sunglasses Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic •Gucci GG3616/S is a Full Rim frame for Women, which is made of Nylon. •Nylon is a thermoplastic material that is blended in order to counteract its initial brittleness. Nylon blends are lightweight, stable, and resistant to breakage. Nylon has less of a tendency to "bleed" it's plasticizers resulting in great hypoallergenic properties. It can be blended with polyamides, grilamid, or trogamid. •This model features an Oval shape, with a Single Bridge. •These Sunglasses work well for people whose style is: Stylish Designer, Cool/Trendy. •Ideal for usage with: Fashion, Everyday Driving. •Gucci GG3616/S Sunglasses come with a cleaning cloth and protective carrying case. •The sunglasses are available on certain colors with gradient tinted lenses - Gradient tints are tints that start off at a darker color at the top of a lens and then gradually lighten towards the bottom of the lenses. These tints are great for fashion and for reading outside on sunny days. Gradient coatings work by allowing an appropriate amount of light to filter through in certain areas and less in places where protection is most necessary.
FASTRACK EYEWEAR Great for Motor-Biking at night If you enjoy riding your motorbike at night with a half helmet this is the perfect companion. It helps keep a significant amount of dust & bugs from your eyes and enhances vision. Not to leave out rain, it generally doesn't fog up as a full face helmet's visor. For the price it's perfect as if one pair gets damaged one can always purchase another with hardly any setback. It's not a snug fit like the authentic riding goggles but for the price I have no complains. One can't really doubt the Fastrack quality Authorised Store @ C O Charun Optic
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